Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trevor's MTBcast from Lima, Montana

Hello, this is Trevor Browne calling from lima, montana.  Been kinda sitting here all day we're taking a bit of a rain break and body break, I guess. It's been  pretty stormy the past couple of days.   Two days ago, we were going over the pass from Wise River to Polaris, pretty much freezing rain for the whole day. And got quite close to hypothermia a couple of times.  We were shaking so bad on our bikes, we had to pull over and dry ourselves off.  That made the trails really  slick between Bannock state road and also after Grants to Lima. Pretty much walked the bike half the way and got the mud all clogged up in the tires. Not a lot of fun.  

I think today we just needed to  take a break.  Our bodies were pretty tired last night.  We couldn't really move any further.  Everybody's probably feeling the same way, across the board.  I'm here with Per and Paul and Steve. Ray was here earlier, and Cricket was here earlier today, but she left.  Everyone seems to be kinda hurting but still wanting to go on. So I think we're all going to head off.  I'm off tomorrow morning and hopefully the trail gets a little bit better.  Just as muddy but things seem to be drying out a bit. Bike's running well.  I'm  OK.

Lots of sore knees and sore achilles and sore hands, but pulling through.  This little break has helped a lot.  Yeah, I'm still trying to keep in good spirits and push forward.  Say hello to my family.  Been trying to call you but can't get you home.  And say hello to my girlfriend, Rachel.  Bye.

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  1. Hello Little Bro! You are doing fantastic and I am thinking of you and your mates the whole way. Keep up the positive energy and posting your progress.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way!!!
    Luv, Big sis,