Monday, June 22, 2009

"This is hiking, not biking"

Talked with the boy today and it's been really rough. Driving rain at 8000 feet is difficult to say the least. They have spent 2 days walking their bikes through mud. One guy in his group has to drop out because his bike won't make it.  Trevor is worried that his chain won't make it then next 300 miles to a town.  He may have to make a major detour to find a bike shop. On top of the mud, they are fighting hypothermia and of course a lot of wear and tear on the joints.  Trevor says it's frustrating because his body/fitness feels fine but the knees, ankles, wrists are worrisome.  The whole group sounds completely demoralized.  They have had to take today off to dry their equipment because it is too cold to have soaked gear, and to make some serious decisions.  It sounds like a pretty despondent group at the moment.  From what I can tell, the leading guys missed this bad weather.  This section is supposed to be quite good at this time of year.  Anyways, I'm sending out positive thoughts to the Trevor and his travel mates!! 

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