Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trevor- in case u check your blog- Here's how to use the SPOT

Note: to "cycle" the SPOT should be left outdoors with the SPOT logo on the top of the unit facing the sky.

The spot must be sitting on top of a pack, handle bars etc.  It should bot be buried deep in a pack.

You can only us tracking mode for 24 hours.  You must do the 20 minute "okay" cycle every day.  We recommend doing it every morning as you wake up.

Cheat sheet:

  • First use: turn SPOT on, press the OK button and let cycle for 20 min.

  • Tracking: Turn unit on, press and hold OK button for at least 5 seconds.

  • Tracking turns off after 24 hours. Engage Tracking every morning.

  • If On/Off light and OK light blink in unison for longer than 20 min., than you are in Track Mode.
  • If lights blink in unison for only 20 min., you were in OK mode.

  • *Once in Track mode, holding down the OK button will cancel Track and only send an OK message.

  • One set of AA Lithium batteries = 14 days of Tracking.

  • GPS Fix = On/Off and OK lights blink in unison.

  • No GPS Fix = On/Off and OK lights blink out of unison

  • 9-1-1 Mode: Press and hold for at least 3 seconds unit you see green light blink

  • Cancel 9-1-1, press and hold button for at least 3 seconds until red light

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