Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trevor's MTBcast from Flagg Ranch, Wyoming

Hello this is Trevor Browne calling from Flagg Ranch in Wyoming.  Trails are pretty good now. We've had some great weather, so all of our spirits have lifted and we're all quite happy. Had a great birthday ride yesterday,  not a cloud in the sky. Trails are drying up, so it made me happy.  The trails are great from Lima all the way through to Idaho.  Everything's going great. So that's good. We just went through part of Yellowstone, just skirted the outside of it.  Made it into Wyoming this morning.  We're getting eaten alive by mosquitoes out here. It's pretty bad. A few bike repairs to do at the ranch on my own to prepare for the upcoming passes. Everything should go well. Feeling good. All the trails are really great all the way from Lima to here; it's all dry, so anyone else coming through is going to have a pretty easy time.  I hope everyone is well. I just want to say hello to my family again and hello to Rachel.  Call you guys soon.

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  1. I see the average miles per day heading UP! Great work T-Bone...looks like a smoking fast day today and sending good Karma from Calgary!! Happy belated.

    Cheers, Jordan