Sunday, June 14, 2009

I spoke with the Tour Divide People

I emailed them the following:
As for turning on the SPOT, Is it complicated to do? Can you send me instructions so that if he does call, I can tell him?  Can u also please write a post in td Race Updates, asking people who receive phone calls from the riders to tell Trevor to turn on his SPOT while they are all still together in the early stages of the race?
This is our conversation:
Kevin: We don't have any way to communicate with the racers and there is a strict rule that the blog cannot used in any manner to relay support or anything of the support to the racers
11:17 me: even if it's a matter of safety, and it's not really support?
 Kevin: That will disqualify a racer
 me: if he doesn't know,then he can't be officially in the race without a tracker
 Kevin: It's also not really a safety thing, they just are not being tracked on the leaderboard
  He is officially in the race
  There is actually no rule saying you have to carry a SPOT
 me: oh
11:18 Kevin: It's completely optional
 me: how will u know if he crosses the finish line?
 Kevin: It's racer-reported
  Honor system

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