Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to follow the race

Everyone keeps asking how they can follow the race this year. Well its easy. With great sponsors from SPOT and you can literally follow our every move.

If you go to the website you can follow the race via the SPOT and google maps. Simply go to the menu on the right hand side of the page and click on the tab that says leaderboard. That will bring you to the SPOT leaderboard where all the racers will be seen as blue dots. Then just scroll over each dot to see who it is. You can also check out the blog portion of the site where you can read updates during the race.

The other way to follow the race is through the website where you can actually here my voice as I call in at certain checkpoints along the way. On the right hand of the site you will see the 2009 Tour Divide Racer Audio list. From there scroll down the racer list until you see my name (at the bottom). Click on my name and it will bring you directly to my audio posts.

You will also be able to follow links from there to the SPOT Topofusion maps. On those maps (similiar to the leaderboard) you simply scroll over the points to find the name. If you go there now you can see riders who are going the opposite direction from the Mexican boarder headed north. Go David!

See you on the map!


  1. Go Go Go!!!! I'm so excited for you- eek!

  2. Hey Trev!
    you're looking great mate.