Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trevor calls from Lincoln on MTBcast

Hello, this is Trevor Browne.  Just borrowing a cell phone because I can't find any payphones. Everything is going good. We just got to Lincoln, Montana.  Everything is going really well. I don't know why my SPOT's not working.  I've been doing everything you said. And I'm just holding the buttons longer now. Maybe that was the problem before.  So I hope it's working now. I want to say hi to my girlfriend. (?)everyone lots at home  Trails are looking good. It's all pretty dry. Rode 17 hours yesterday at Richmond Peak at got in around 1130.  That was fun. I just wanted to say that everything is fine and when I find a payphone I will try and call friends and family.  OK thanks, bye.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Trevor,
    I can't believe how far you are going every day! I bet your rear is sore like your knees.
    For the knees Aspirin or Advil or ibuprufen is best as they are anti-inflammatories. Tylenol only helps pain and the real problem is inflammation.
    Keep up the great cycling. David and I send you the best of luck, not to mention hard work.